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Welcome to my Web Page. This is a Personal Web Page. That means a collection of stuff. You can link to the stuff with the links at the left or scroll down for a description of each section. I will try to keep new stuff coming but check the update section (see link at left) to see "What's New".

This site is heavy on photos. Therefore, some pages may load slowly. I've tried to keep the graphics and page size under control so pages will load in less than 30 seconds, even with a slow dialup connection. Slower performance may be the fault of your server, my server, the weather, the laws of physics, who knows? Be patient or try again later. Try this for Technical Support .

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[Disclaimer: Most of the best photos aren't mine, they're Tammy's. It's painful to admit but true. That's why the disclaimer is here where you may not notice it rather than on each page.]


Travel - Photos and descriptions of various trips, currently mainly Asia. When time allows, older material will be resurrected to include other locations such as Australia and North America.


Korea - Various information and photos from Korea. Local tourist attractionsas well as glimpses into day to day life.

Michigan - Photos and information from the Great State of Michigan. A little glimpse of life in Southwestern Michigan. (Plus some stuff from Illinois, since I need some place to put it.)


History - A place for old photos, memories, a virtual high school reunion, etc. If you have any suggestions or contributions, we'll put them up here.



Photos - Various Photo Sets from long ago and more recent shots. This includes some "Photoshop" derivations.

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