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This page is meant to be a kind of on line reunion and message center. It started out as an idea to help the Class of '67 (Cumberland High School) keep in touch but it makes sense to include anyone who knows me. So, welcome to all and try the following areas. Think of this as an experiment. If it doesn't appeal to people it will just fade away, like so much of the Internet.

The Message Board is a standard format message board. You will need to register before posting but the info you put in is confidential. I just need a contact for anyone who posts since it is my space and I'm responsible to the web host service for it. Just follow the instructions. This is an easy thread based board. You can read posts, post replies or start new threads. To start with I've only put in a few sections, some for announcements and some for discussion topics. In the announcements, please post anything of general interest. A lot of people don't read the local papers and we lose track of a lot of the things we'd be interested in knowing. Grandchildren, new jobs, vacations, etc. Just watch your language and rest assured, we're not all that interested in most bodily functions. (You can go directly to the Message Boards by bookmarking or by going directly to

To provide updates on who we are and what we are doing, I've put in a space for mini Home Pages. See mine for an example. If you can write your own html just send it to me. If not, send me some text and photos and I'll put one together. Or you can give me a link to your own home page on the Internet. Since this is publicly accessible space, think about what info you want to include. If you want to include your e-mail address disguise it (see the examples) so the spammers can't collect it for mass mailing.

Cars were always a fascination for us when we were growing up. How many people still have pictures of the cars they used to own? If you can send me scans of photos of your cars and some info on them, I'll post it. I wonder if photos exist of cars like Greg's 409, Fogle's Metropolitan, Dana Lu's pink Chevy, or any significant number of Wilb's multitude of cars?

Do you have any old photo's from the old days? We never took enough photos. I know I have some from the 60's and 70's but they will have to wait until I take a vacation since I'm about 7000 miles away from them right now. If you've got anything interesting, scan it and send it to me.