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Newspapers are always interesting. Sometimes they are more interesting than they intend to be. Here are a few things I recently saw in some of the local papers like the Korea Herald or the English language version of the Jong-Ang Ilbo. weather

The Koreans like graphics and symbols. Especially if they are cute. I've never quite understood this weather display. It seems to me if you know the temperature and whether it's going to rain or not, that more or less tells you if it's a good day to wash the car. Just in case this display confuses you, the temperatures are in Celsius, not Fahrenheit.


I saw this little article recently. It's good that Korea is getting strict on pollution control from the farm operations. However, stop and think a minute about the minimum size of farms this applies to. The minimum size cattle farm seems to be about 2/3 of a football field and the minimum size pig farm would be the size of large living room.


You've probably seen the articles about eduction in the Asian countries. About how students in places like Korea, Singapore, Japan, etc. score so much higher on standardized Math tests. That may be true, but it's hard to see signs of it in this article.



Well, I had to throw this one in. This is an important new article on new Kimchi storage technology. The kimchi refrigerators are a huge business now as they find ways to make the kimchi lasta longer and taste better. This isn't a replacement for the traditional refrigerator, it's an additional unit.



Here's one from last year, when I made the Korean newspapers. This was taken as we were getting on the boat to travel to North Korea. I'm not sure what the caption says but the Korean speakers assured us it said something like "Foreign Executives leaving for North Korea". Paul (in front of me) speculated that it actually said "Corrupt American Executives Sent To Prison". We'll never be sure.



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