Odds 'n Ends 'n Oddities - Page 3


Here we have a variety of signs, some from Korea and some from China. This one is outside a restaurant in Seoul. It seems like every food in Korea is either supposed to be good for "stamina" or cure a hangover. I'm not sure if any of this is good for a hangover, but most things on the menu will at least get your mind off it.


This is a storage locker in Korea. Simple but the logic of the language escapes me. The title is in English, Chinese and Japanese. The rest of the instructions are in predominantly English and Chinese with some Korean and Japanese thrown in. Oh, well. Note the instructions prohibit you from using this for nasty articles or animals. Seems reasonable. You might have to read the disclaimer at the bottom a couple of times to get the message.


Great Wall

This is a sign on the Great Wall in China. Again, the question of an editing process arises. This is the most visited tourist destination in China. In a country of 1.2 billion people, wasn't someone who spoke English available to take a quick look at the signs?


Not Allowed

This is also at the Great Wall. This seems to be a summary of what you can't do at the Great Wall. Which is ..., well, just about everything. How can you have fun sightseeing without your fireworks, your bugle, your rifle, etc?



This is also at the Great Wall in China. This is what frustrates non-native speakers about English. After all, "Complaining Telephone" isn't really illogical. Now "Succour Telephone" escapes me. It would seem to be some attempt at a French word but I can't think of one that makes sense.



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