Odds 'n Ends 'n Oddities - Page 8
Korea Highway Corporation Ad

Highway Ad

This is a full page newspaper ad for the Korea Highway Corporation. This government corporation is responsible for the major expressways in Korea. This ad seems to have a nice design, but let's look a little closer at the text.


This text from the ad is a bit odd. First of all there is the cultural aspect of this. Does this seem like a worthwhile goal for this woman's life? Then we get into the language aspect of this. There are plenty of Koreans who are fluent in English. Unfortunately none of them seems to have proofread this ad. Interestingly enough, the web site this ad promotes has a fairly complete English section and it is quite well done. Seems like they should have used the same resources to do the ad.



Finally, here is a little note from the upper right corner. Maybe this means something about getting it all together?



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