Odds 'n Ends 'n Oddities - Page 9
Vietnamese and Cambodian English


I know that fractured English is a bit of an easy target, but I thought I would bring the collection up to date. These are from Vietnam and Cambodia.

entry form

This is the quarantine form for entry into Vietnam. In an attempt to identify those who might be ill, they have the usual list of symptoms to be checked off. However, the translation seems to be off on a few, specifically "malaise" and "oblivious". I'm pretty much oblivious all the time, but I didn't admit it here.


Water Bottle

This is an average local translation issue for a bottle of water. It always gets a little more interesting when we mix in a technical term. Even if deionized was spelled correctly, I'm not sure what value that has for bottled water. And where do the germs come in. Are they saying the water has germs or doesn't? The lower text seems to say "In a clean, dry and place away from light".

Meeting Notice

To wrap it up, this is a notice I saw in a Korean newspaper. It doesn't provide a lot of confidence in the success of this English teaching effort.



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