A Few Archive Photos

The following are black and white photos which I took long, long ago (late 70's or early 80's). The images have been reduced in resolution to make the page load quickly. In the future, I will add more photos and improve the quality. Click on the thumbnail photos to see the full size image.


This photo shows the grain elevators typically found at rail sidings in the Canadian plains. This one is Gull Lake, Saskatechewan. I recently heard that these are disappearing as transportation and storage systems change. If so, that's a shame. Saskatchewan is one of those wonderful, empty places but enough is enough. These elevators, with striking proportions, are welcome sights on the long trip to the mountains.


This is an old pond (central Illinois) which is more of a swamp - silted in and overgrown. However, in winter, frozen over and covered with snow, it looks completely different. The late afternoon sun lined up the shadows and picked up highlights in the crystallized snow (which may not show up in the on screen version). Cold and quiet.


This is Lake Superior, but for the life of me, I can't be sure if it is Wisconsin or Michigan. I think Michigan. The digital image appears a bit posterized, but the original is much smoother. I printed this one for the sky and the water and beach just fell into the proper density to compliment the sunset sky. This is a good example of how you can feel the color without seeing it.


An old barn door in central Illinois. Why the small patched section is there is a mystery. This is a essentially a learning excercise. The sidelight, texture, and tones of the weathered wood make a picture in itself. The vertical format adds a dynamic element to an otherwise static object. Finally, the classic rule of thirds is used to place the horizontal/vertical patch. The high location adds more tension and dynamics. In summary, I think it's a eye catching rendition of a simple subject.

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