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The Photo of the Week is an old or new photo that I thought would look good on the website. A new one should show up every week or so. (Well, it looks like every two weeks, but that's close enough for me.)

Snowy Shore

Lake Michigan - late in the day after a major snowfall. It was even colder than it looks.



Lake Michigan in December - Michigan. (12/12/2005)

Chain and latch - Illinois. (11/20/2005)

Aspen Pattern - Colorado. (11/02/2005)

Wheel - Galena Illinois. (10/13/2005)

Yosemite Valley - California. (9/15/2005)

Rowboats - Nova Scotia. (8/23/2005)

Broomcorn Shed - Illinois. (8/03/2005)

Path along Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. (7/26/2005)

Snowstorm - Central Illinois (6/15/2005)

Train Station - Kempton Pennsylvania (5/19/2005)

Side Street - Innsbruck, Austria (11/28/2004)

Mountain Lake - Glacier Park, Montana (11/01/2004)

Approaching Storm - High Desert in Oregon (10/25/2004)

Night photo of the Michigan Avenue Bridge (Chicago) - Black & White (10/14/2004)

Foggy sunrise on an early autumn day - Michigan (9/24/2004)

Lake Michigan beach - Summer 2004 (8/16/2004)

Deer at the roadside in Michigan (7/23/2004)

Buddhist monk at Angkor Wat (7/14/2004)

Australian Forest (6/04/2004)

Monks on Cambodian river (Posterized) (5/13/2004)

Stream in Australian rain forest (4/27/2004)

Store on a Bike - Vietnam (4/16/2004)

Fruit Vendor - Hanoi Vietnam (3/30/2004)

On top of City Wall - Xian China (1/05/2004)

Shore of Yellowstone Lake(12/14/2003)

Sailing Ship Ropes - San Francisco(11/28/2003)

Flat Tracker - Illinois(11/04/2003)

Nova Scotia Boats and Fog(10/03/2003)

Colorado Sand Dunes National Monument(09/26/2003)

Fishing boats on the beach in Bali (09/17/2003)

Sailing Home to Chicago (09/03/2003)

Key Largo, Florida (08/23/2003)

Snowy Fence - Illinois (08/11/2003)


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