Update Status


Revision 24 (10/25/2005)

Added a new gallery to the photo section - black & white photos from Bodie California - a ghost town.

Revision 23 (05/18/2005)

Added some photos from the 2004 Greenup Fall Festival. Also removed the link to the message board as it is being discontinued.

Revision 22 (01/01/2005)

Added the rest of the photos from the January, 2004 trip back from Seoul.

Revision 21 (10/24/2004)

Added more photos from the January, 2004 trip back from Seoul.
Added a few more oddball things found on trips. These are from Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea.

Revision 20 (10/21/2004)

Started adding photos from the January, 2004 trip back from Seoul. First up are photos from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Revision 19 (09/30/2004)

Added photos from the 2004 Apple Cider Century bike ride. (I did the full 100 miles this year.)

Revision 18 (09/24/2004)

Added some Summer, 2004 photos of Lake Michigan beaches. (Finally back to work on the site after taking a break.)

Revision 17 (05/05/2004)

Added some winter photos of Lake Michigan dunes

Revision 16 (04/26/2004)

Added page for new pickup truck (It's RED!)

Revision 15 (03/30/2004)

Updated the "Picture of the Week" link to simplify and improve the access to the archive.

Revision 14 (11/29/2003)

Added a newspaper ad from the Korea Highway Corp

Revision 13 (10/21/2003)

Added Section on September, 2003 Vacation to Bali

Revision 12 (10/10/2003)

Added some photos from the 1970s
Added comparison of sharpness between Digital and 35mm photos

Revision 11 (9/17/2003)

Added a few more Newspaper Items

Revision 10 (9/04/2003)

Added New Antiques
Added North Korean Cheerleaders

Revision 9 (8/12/2003)

Added Photos from the 1960s
Added Newspaper Photo
Added Photo of the Week Feature
Updated Car History

Revision 8 (7/02/2003)

Added Discovery Magazine Cover
Added Newspaper Oddities
Added Signs Oddities

Revision 7 (6/12/2003)

Added Michigan Section
Updated Home Page Graphics

Revision 6 (6/03/2003)

Added History - Ski Club Photo Section
Added Korea - Gyeongju Trip Section
Added Photo - Photoshop Images 3
Added "Why Does This Site Exist?"

Revision 5 (5/16/2003)

Added Korea - Seoul Photos Section
Added Korea - Seoul Photo - Snow Section
Added Korea - Seoul Photo - House Section
Updated Style Sheets

Revision 4 (5/08/2003)

Added Korea - Transportation Section
Added Korea - Oddities Section
Updated Style Sheets

Revision 3 (4/27/2003)

Restored Message Boards with new Invision Message Board
Added Section on North Korea (Korea Section) with photos from NK Powerplant site

Revision 2A (4/23/2003)

Improved Navigation Links
Removed Link to Message Boards to Improve Forum Formats

Revision 2 (4/20/2003)

Added Hanoi/Sapa Vietnam Photos (Travel Section)
Message Boards, Cars, Home Pages (History Section)